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Lies and Fibs

There is a pro-prop8 ad which shows an alleged Mass. couple whining because their son came home from school having been taught that sometimes men marry men. They mention he is in 2nd grade. They claimed they could not remove the child from class.

There is an anti-prop8 ad where the state super of schools says there is no requirement to teach about marriage.

Both of these ads lie.

Any parent can remove a child from any class. The parent also has the option of home schooling, and private schools.

Marriage is definitely a required subject in CA schools, in the sense that it is a requirement to teach current events, citizenship/civics, state history and social studies, and all of these are touched by Prop 8 and the events which led to it. You can't teach about this subject without teaching about marriage, and how this state and other states approach the issue. Perhaps these are not required in second grade - but I'm guessing they are to a small degree. I know my grade school reading books were all centered around a white middle class family where a man was married to a woman, they had a son and a daughter and a dog. On the west coast the boy and girl are Dick and Jane, on the east coast in the 50's they were Tom and Betty. T&B's dog was named Spot. I think that was D&J's dog's name too, feel free to correct me.

Anywho, Prop8 won't remove teaching about Prop8 in the classroom. How ironic is that?

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