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Sarah 'n' Dippity

When I go on stage, I expect the production company to supply me with the appropriate costumes. The bigger the company, the more expensive the costumes.  The bigger the part, the more expensive the costumes.

Sarah is put on stage by the second biggest production company on the planet for the second biggest role on the planet. I expect her costumes to be proportionally expensive. And you have to admit, they are great-looking duds: Stylish without being Cindy McCain gaudy.

If I was a republican, I would proudly point out that the Palin family wardrobe fund has pumped needed currency into the retail market, some of which will trickle down in the form of entry-level jobs. After all, $150k is equal to about 10 annual retail clerk salaries. And McCain says the clothes will be given to charity - think of how much they would go for in auction!

If I was a Democrat, I'd be LOL at the monumental waste of campaign funds in a race where Obama/Biden has something like six times the $$ in the bank compared to McCain/Palin. And even more LOL because Sarah's suits can only be worn for a short time, while Biden's hair transplant is forever.

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