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Too Much, Too Soon

I was at Janice's, trying to fix her PC when at just about 8 pm the TV announced Obama's victory. Janice had spent the day calling people in the key states (If there's no shooting, it ain't a battleground, boys), and was so pooped she was not going to the official Obama party, even though she had a pass for it. I pissed her off by looking at my watch and giving a big WTF. After she cooled down (it took about 15 minutes) I explained to her that by announcing before the polls closed here, they were telling us our vote, and those of Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii as well, did not count. I truly think the election should be federalized so that all the polls open and close at the same time, exit polling is forbidden, and no announcement is made about returns until all the polls are closed.

This whole election trail was a study in impatience and rushing to judgment. There's something grand about due process which was trampled here.

We watched Obama's acceptance speech together, she cried a lot, I thought it was the best speech he ever gave. I walked out of the room for a minute when he did the "We can!" chant, it was a little too Gospel Preacher for me, but it gave his audience a voice, which is good.

Later I saw McCain's concession speech, and it was pretty good too. There was some heckling, and his audience was not as willing to concede graciously as he was, but he acquitted himself well. He pretty much said this was it for him, and to watch for Palin in 2012, though not in so many words.

Prop 8 looks like it will pass. At 1 am with 66.2% of the votes in:
3,815,833 52.6%
3,442,399 47.4%

Prop 4, which IMHO is FAR more noxious, is failing, but is way too close:
3,355,111 47.7%
3,665,503 52.3%

One thing about Obama's election is it's going to be easier for me to be an American overseas this month. And it will be very interesting watching him build a cabinet while I'm hanging around Americans who decided they would rather live outside the US. McCain as Secretary of the Navy? Hmmm.

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