Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Review - Mindbend

Dr. Robin Cook's Mindbend is out of print for a reason. Not a well-crafted book, the characters and situations seem contrived, and we find out from the epilogue that he wrote it to push a political cause promoting regulation of medical practices which the book doesn't really focus on. The plot pits a medical student against a big nasty drug company which is inviting OB/GYN doctors on cruises where they are drugged and subjected to behavior modification and on their return home, quit private practice and join a clinic which specializes in performing unneeded abortions to harvest fetuses for research.

Gag me with a speculum.

The writing style is stilted and not Cook's usual free-flowing form, but I read it to the end the way one keeps staring at a wrapped wound in hopes to see what's under the bandages.

Not worth plucking off the free coffee shop book exchange rack. My copy has been composted.

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