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Keep meaning to mention this: The hummingbird feeders are exactly at the levels they were when I left on vacation November 7. I miss them little critters.
Bah Humbuggery:
I am happy so many people find joy in holiday parties and events. I am sad about the same thing because:

- One can find a reason to party and give gifts any day of the year, there is no reason to horde it all during one short week.

- The alleged holiday is based on such a flimsy mythconception that anyone with an IQ larger than his shoe size ought to see right through.

- The trappings of the holiday (snowmen, reindeer, etc.) have absolutely nothing to do with the holiday's source. Bethlehem has no snow, no fir trees.

- It's up to us, not someone who died 2,000 years ago, to bring about peace on earth. And we should be working towards this goal every day of our lives, not just this week.

My big sister used to look up birthdays of her favorite authors, and throw parties on them. Robert Louis Stevenson's was the most popular.

Mom is snowbound - she lives in Seattle. Last week she was transferred to a temporary care facility, and was due to go home Saturday, but it keeps snowing, and Mom & Dad's apartment is toward the top of one of the steeper hills, the care place is toward the bottom of another steep hill a few miles south.


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