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The Fine Print

Seen on Powell's Bookstore's "Puddly Awards" page:

The Fine Print
On behalf of the Fine Print Society of America, we'd like to welcome you to the fine print. Take your time, look around, get a feel for the unique intricacies of our particular brand of Powells.com Fine Print. We use only the finest print available. Every word is approved by the F.P.S.A., which uses its exacting standards to ensure that it's all fine, pure print, and 100% organic. We recommend composting all fine print, as it makes excellent, nutrient-rich humus for any word garden. Your vocabulary will grow overnight until it's positively bursting with delicious, sumptuous, ambrosial, savory, titillating, gratifying, divine, piquant, sapid, exquisite, yummy, toothsome, utterly scrumptious adjectives.

(Please note: this fine print is not legally binding, as it has not been approved by the American Federation of Legally Binding Fine Print, which is presently embroiled in a tumultuous dispute with the Fine Print Society of America over the merits of composting fine print rather than recycling it to be cleaned, pressed, and reused as new fine print. The matter is under arbitration by the Academy of the Very Finest Print and Very Printiest Fineries, and we expect a legal ruling by the end of the decade.)


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