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iPhone Fail

Returned the iPhone this morning for multiple FAIL, compared to my Moto Z9:

  1. No voice dial
  2. No voice commands
  3. No official support for my own ringtones
  4. Only one computer can sync with the phone - sync with another computer and it erases what the previous sync had installed
  5. No audio caller ID (My Moto phone speaks the name of the caller)
  6. No signal at my desk at work (Moto loses signal intermittantly)
  7. Display sucks up fingerprints and smears
  8. Can't add memory
  9. Soldered-in battery
  10. Contacts info needs to be done in Outlook, which is impossible because of #4
  11. Almost every free app is just a teaser for something expensive
  12. No bluetooth network piggybacking for my Eee and laptop
  13. No bluetooth data support (audio only - need a cable to sync)
  14. Non-standard data connector
I will miss:

  1. The pretty, large display
  2. Real wireless connectivity
    High-res camera
  3. Readable email and browser
  4. Fashionable white earbuds
  5. The phalanx of nubile nymphettes clamoring to be close to a Man With An iPhone

So, I am back to using the Palm TX for email and browsing and the Z9 for phone services. When there's no wifi for the Palm, I can piggyback on blkuetooth and use the Moto's data connection.

On thing which was a wash - both phones cost me the same, and both service plans cost about the same (remembering I sign up for texting and data on the Moto phone)


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