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If you haven't been there since The Change, check out the White House web site, it is orders of magnitude spiffier than the Bush league version. Also improved is the FBI's "most wanted" page, though I am not sure I like the idea of a "parental kidnapping victim" being posted there.
Went to lunch at Rivermark, there is a T-mobile office there so I stopped in to see if they could tell me whether my hand-made ring tones are "legal" on their phones. Took 20 minutes, but the answer appears to be "yes". I need to do some research, but I kinda liked the look of their G1 phone. They also carry a couple of Moto phones which would be compatible with the software I already own. 30-day return policy, which is nice.

One thing I miss about Vonage is they let you set up for all your phone numbers to ring when your Vonage number rings.

Anna Eshoo, my Congresscritter, has posted a well-organized and fairly detailed "what's in it for Cali" write-up about the no pork barrel left behind economic recovery package. Read it here.

California has a budget, only 106 days past the deadline. No matter what you think of your state legislators, vote against the incumbents next time around. They all need to be schooled. When I covered the WA legislature I saw the same thing - state reps and senators get most of their $$ from their party, and if they don't toe the party line, the party will not just withhold funds, it will actively work against their re-election. This has to stop, and the only way to stop it is to clean house and ban parties from contributing to local candidates. The open primaries program is a good start, but it isn't enough.

And how stupid is it that the state republican party sided against their own governor? Sounds like a personality clash.

Plans for tonight: Sit at home in the dark waiting for my phone to not ring. Thanks for the image, unseelie23. :-)

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