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Oscars Quibbles

Since I only watched the last half hour or so, this won't be long. All I saw was the last 5 minutes of the obits (I missed Heath but was very moved by the response to Paul Newman, which I think was richly deserved) best actress, best director, best actor, best picture.

I'll have to see The Reader - Kate has never impressed me as an actress, but sometimes experience works wonders. Slumdog Millionaire could not have been as good as the obviously emotionally skewed in favor of the underdog votes went, but I'll put that on my list just in case it really is a hidden gem. Haven't seen Milk yet, either, but Sean Penn has been robbed several times in the past, and I have no doubt his performance was deserving, and the spontaneous standing O and applause tells me most of Hollywood agrees.

So much for the personalities. The presentation made me want to puke. The time they spent serenading the nominees would have been better spent showing us clips from the movies which got them nominated in the first place. The best picture montage was a travesty, and I think it robbed the nominees and the previous winners both with such a poorly edited and inconsistent presentation. All I have to say is the person who produced that piece of crap needs to go back to the clinic and have the rest of the lobotomy performed.

Hugh Jackman is a stunning actor, he sings, he dances, he's very very pretty and has a lot of class. On the one hand, we saw almost none of him in the last half hour, thanks to the cavalcade of old thespians and bad montages. On the other hand, what we did see was not very entertaining. Blame the writers, I guess.

I forgot to Tivo it, but I'm sure there will be enough on NBC.com and Youtube to catch me up.

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