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Great White Hope

I went online this morning and saw that Men's Wherehouse has white suits. So I drove to my local one, which is just a small hole-in-the-wall, and they said they have no such animal. Time to hit the Great Mall.

Drove to Milpitas, and tried Marshall's fist. Nothing there. Next stop was Burlington Coat Factory, where I found a lovely white spun silk jacket, off-white dress slacks (lined, even!), but I really wanted a suit, which they didn't have, so I parked those where I could find them again and moved on. Long story short, none of the dozen or so little men's stores had exactly what I was looking for in my size. So After two circuits of the mall and a bite of lunch in the food court, I went back to Burlington, grabbed the slacks and jacket, then found a white tie (it took about half an hour to find the tie - they have hundreds of ties, and not a lot of staff putting them back in order after customers remodel the tie department) and back in the tux department a lovely white vest. Now I just need a white dress shirt and white leather belt. They had lots of shirts, but not in a style I liked in my size. No white belts at all, but I did pick up a gunmetal gray one for my gray suit.

Zumiez was the first likely belt store, but their largest size was two inches shorter than my waist. Hot Topic was next. They had a studded black belt in my size, which I almost bought, and lots of white belts but none in my size. I almost also bought a couple of T-shirts, since they had a buy one, get one half off sale. One said  Sarcasm...it beats killing people and the other was "when I can't get to sleep I count the number of buckles on my straight jacket". But they didn't have the former in my size, nor did they have in my size the one that suggested one way to turn silver into gold : "Silence is golden...but duct tape is silver".

On to American Eagle Outfitters, my nephew's favorite store. They didn't have leather, but they did have a white web belt which I bought, since by now I was losing hope. After a few other stops, I found a tiny men's store called Emporio Unique where both salesmen were bargaining with a customer. The salesmen's thick middle eastern accents reminded me of the Arab Market in Jerusalem. Meanwhile I'm digging through the white leather belts, which are hung on a rack with blank tabs where the size is supposed to be, and the size is stamped on the bottom of the belt!. Finally the customer gives up and goes away, and one of the salesmen helps me, and it turns out I have been staring right at the belt I want without realizing it. The display side is a creme colored faux snakeskin. But it's reversible, and the other side is white. Parfait! And it's on sale. While he's ringing it up, I spot a rack full of white suits, right near the front. They had them in my size. For just slightly more than what I'd kludged together at Burlington. Turns out they got them in after lunch, they had not been there the first two times I passed by. Sigh. Well, at least now I know where I can get another suit when I've lost another 50 lbs.

Next stop, Van Heusen, where the cutest little saleswoman in the mall measured me and I found that I have gone down a full shirt size, not just a half as I'd thought. Picked up one long and one short-sleeved white dress shirt, and a tie to go with my gray and blue pinstripe suits.

And now I'm done, and shopped out, and it's 4:30 pm (I started before noon!) and have walked six times around the mall, so that's my exercise for the day.

Got home, tried on the white outfit and it looks fantastic. Makes me look like a walking ice cream cone, with my white hair. :-)

Turns out I'm not quite done. I could not find my wellingtons. I have black wingtips, but tomorrow I think I'll hit a mall somewhere and see if I can find white dress shoes. I'm hoping to be in Santa Cruz in the evening for the jass society's weekly jam session, maybe I'll cruise Pacific Garden Mall. Maybe I'll stop at Valley Faire on the way.

Weather note: when I got out of the mall, my car thermometer read 103&#176, and went to 104 by the time I got on the freeway. Back in Mountain View it was a frigid 94. I wanted to go for a swim, but I was pooped, and my blood sugar was too low...

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