Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Okay, on to the next step

Me and my buddy in the next cube who has an iPhone tested the T-Mobile G1 and the verdict is the G1 works better than the iPhone as far as calling and receiving a call in my cubicle. Data is intermittent, but on AT&T it's non-existent anywhere in my building except by the windows.

So tomorrow I'll start the ball rolling to transfer my AT&T phone number to the G1. I'm probably going to take the maximum hit on the early termination penalty, but with the lower monthly fee on T-M, I'll be saving more than $300 over the two-year contract period.

Next is the switch to Comcast for my land line. When you think about it, cable is a land line too. Have to talk to them first, because I want to install the phone adapter myself, don't want to wait around the apartment half the day for someone who knows less than I do about how to hook up the equipment. And need to find out what they charge to lease the box. Vonage might be an alternative, but that puts one more point of finger-pointing into the mix. But I still own a Vonage router.

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