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Class was quick & easy. MPEG4 is not a specification like MPEG1 and 2, it's not very technical at all. What it lacks in tech foo it makes up in spades with busy stuff. If it can be sent over the Internet, put on a smartphone or DVD or otherwise played, it's in the MPEG4 standard.

Back to work tomorrow. Irony of the week: the ski trip has been postponed due to snow.

Making this public as a sop to my facebook stalkers

Printed out the Consonance program guide from the twitter twit, I do not see it on the web site. Clues welcome.

Tough decision. A friend's 65th b'day bash aka free dinner at Chef Chu's, is at the same time at the Interfilk GoH concert and Interfilk auction. I have known this person for 20+ years and see her almost every week, and almost everyone else has said "yes" to the eVite. There are absolutely no Single And Looking™ women on the guest list. Clues welcome.

This time I am definitely bringing along my small packet of filk songs and will sing at open filk. A La Carte, since I don't play any instrument well enough to play and sing at the same time, and I expect my trumpet or baritone horn will not be welcome. Hard to play and sing at the same time anyway. I will probably bring my guitar as a loaner (I only play four or five chords, with no temporal relationship to anything). I bought it at a pawn shop many years ago to take lessons, and it is just too beautiful to sell or give away. 6-string Gibson Epiphone PR350S acoustic, no pickup, made in Korea, steel strings.
It is raining like a sonofagun here.

TurboTax says my state & fed returns have been accepted by the corresponding gummint entities. Big whoop.

A friend in Canada tagged me to be part of an international recipe exchange. She has a PhD in squid. My recipe was Chocolate Calamari Surprise. It was either that or Hot Fudge Cephalopod a La Mode. I think I made the right choice.

Enough already. Time for dindin

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