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Mission Accomplished

Got the shoes. My white Mark Twain outfit is now complete.

It was 1 pm and close to 100° when I left Mountain View. Hwy 17 was at a crawl. I got to Capitola's cleverly hidden mall at 2:30, the trip normally takes less than an hour. The way the mall is designed, you need to walk back and forth to get to all the major stores. My first stop was Hot Topic, where I bought the T-shirts Great Mall was out of. I hit every shoe store, Macy's, Sears, Gottshalk's and Mervyn's with no luck. None of them even had black Wellingtons in my size.

Took the back roads to Santa Cruz, Pacific street, parked in the lovely el cheapo city garage at the top of Cedar Street, walked all the way down Pacific looking for a likely place. Nothing. Finally, a sign caught my eye about a block past where I thought there were any more shops, and found a place called Cognito, which appears to cater mostly to the cross-dressing community. The nice lady behind the counter pointed to the perfect style of white patent leather wellingtons, and brought out a pair. They fit just fine. And only $40. Definitely costume-quality shoes, okay since I will only be wearing them for one day, and in future just for cons and parties.

It was now 6 pm, time to hit the Jazz Society at Bocci's Cellar. I had to park a block away, which has never happened before. Got there, and all the tables were full, mostly with extremely old people, and none of the musicians looked familiar. I only recognized two people. My cousin wasn't there, neither was her best friend. Nor the guy who has been Society pres for the past couple of years. So I left, and went back downtown. I poked my head in at Hoffman's, which has live jazz Sunday nights, and didn't recognize anyone in that band either. And they were out of napoleons, which is the only other reason I thought of going there. Had a quick drink and pit stop at Stabuck's, watched much eye candy pass by (this was also a lovely feature of Capitola Mall). Took myself to Hwy 17 headed back north, but traffic was at a crawl once again, so I got off at Mt. Herman Road, cut through Snott's Valley and took the Hwy 9 scenic route back to Saratoga and Hwy 85 home.

I think this is the first time I've been to Capitola & SCruz without going to the beach. I did pass by, but by the time I was done at the mall the fog was thick and it was freezing out there.

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