Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Consonance Day 1

Drove across to the other side of the Bay after work for Consonance. As usual registration was quick and painless. The dealer's room was locked, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to donate my InterFilk auction items. The phone was almost out of juice, so I parked myself outside of the drumming circle room and closed my eyes for about an hour. Not quite a nap, but it worked. I was awake for the two concerts. The second concert was by the Toastmistress, and her style is one of the reasons I have not haunted filk rooms as much as I might. She has a lovely voice, plays guitar well, but even her cheery songs are morose. She thinks she has a limited singing range, so the songs are also kind of boring. I suspect that with a good vocal coach she could add another octave or two to her range. The first concert was highly entertaining, by the Ropers, but very light on filk. Lots of people were taking pictures, so I'm not feeling guilty about leaving my camera home. Photographing a concert is kind of boring - and makes me wonder why our local fanzines don't include video and audio. It's so easy to embed or include a link.

After a quick trip up to the con suite, I spent the next hour and a half at the themed filk "Filk Classics" which was enormous fun, And I got to sing Zander Nyrond's Sam's Song, which a lot of people knew well enough to sing along, and the usual instant harmonies sprung up in all the right places. And I also did my old curmudgeon version of Frank Hayes' When I Was A Boy which was a resounding success, with everyone joining in on the chorus, and my added costuming verse got some laughs. This is the first time I've actually soloed at a filk circle, strange but true. There was no problem with it being a capella.

Had to bail at midnight, needed to get home and get some sleep, which may do soon. But first I needed to make better copies of Howeird's Grossest Hits, because the ones I have left will probably lose their labels and jam someone's CD player.

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