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Reading a book I picked up in Thailand called Google HACK, which isn't much of a hacker book but it has a list of some fun google spoofs (by Google, not about Google). Some of my faves:

Search patents. I found three patents on video compression techniques which are based on a paper my father co-authored. Weird that I ended up in the same field. Weirder that it was not something he ever mentioned. I knew about his actual patents (he has 9 of them, mostly in early AC-to-DC conversion and TV circuit design). And my cousin Harvey holds the patent for the tricorder.

Snailmail helper spoof

Google's answer to match.com (satire)

Be in on the building and ruinning of the moon base

How Google really ranks web sites

In-home wireless broadband spoof

and a fun Easter Egg game:

And yeah, In know these have been around for a while...

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