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Turdsday, the sequel

Last things first. My face is naked. I'm trying to remember the last time I had no fur on my face (shut up!) but I think it was when I played Moonface Martin for the Menlo Players Guild production of Anything Goes -- according to my theater web pages that would have been 1983. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now. But bleaching out the black dye from under my nose and mouth would have asphyxiated me, so there was no viable alternative.

The mad chopping ceremony was accompanied by bleaching the hair on my head, the object of which was to get back to being gray (or Johnny Carson White). After 20 minutes of tingling peroxide goodness, I washed the goop out, and lo and behold had natural-looking red hair. Light auburn. It's a good color on me, and doesn't make me look like wanna-goth, so I kept it and wore it to work. People stared. Some of my co-workers did not recognize me, even though I was wearing my usual shorts and short-sleeved blue dress shirt and Velcro-close New Balance tennis shoes. The look of disbelief on the marcom manager's face was highly amusing.

This weekend I will get some more bleach and take it the rest of the way, maybe. The plan is to be myself when I go to Seattle August 19 to visit my family. My sister and youngest niece from Israel will be there too.

This insanity followed a wonderful dinner with farmount, who is looking superb. Which she always does, IMHO. I don't see her anywhere near enough, but that's been true for most of the 20 or so years I've known her. Something I saw on LJ, which I mentioned during dinner, sums it up: A true friend is someone who can make your drink shoot out your nose. We ate at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Thai place, Aroy Dee on Saratoga Ave. near Hwy 280.

No real plans for the weekend, since I'm on call. I think I'll go on my Sunday bike ride anyway.

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