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Troglodytes in Congress

Last night a gaggle of Republican congressoids gathered on the steps of some building in DC behind a short stack of microphones to moan and weep over the fact that Obama was on the Tonight Show and they weren't. What they said was they thought he ought to be stuck in DC with them, working with his cabinet and advisers to solve the economic crisis.

Someone needs to tell them about the invention of the telephone.

And then maybe someone can break it to them that Air Force One is equipped with conference call capability.

And then there's the time zone. By the time Jay Leno's chipmunk-like voice finds its way onto your cable, everyone in DC is asleep anyway.

The days when a President needed to be in Washington to work effectively are way behind us. Anyone in Congress who hasn't figured this out needs to be dis-elected.

On the show, Mr. President made an off-hand joke about his lack of bowling ability where he suggested he might be able to compete in the Special Olympics. The words were mostly swallowed up by laughter and applause in response to his previous sentence, but this didn't prevent every "news" medium from picking it up as if it were a major announcement. His score was 129, he said, and I know there are Special Olympians who can easily beat that. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea for him to apologize by offering to play an exhibition game against one of the better S.O. bowlers. Handled right, it could be a big boost for the Special Olympics.

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