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The Things We Leave Behind

I had forgotten that in the note pad I usually carry, I had written down a list of the things which had fallen behind bookcases, dressers, were under the bed and recliner and in corners of closets.

Odd but true, nothing had fallen behind the piano.

Here it is:

  • 2 American flags-on-a-stick from Shoreline Amphitheater 4th of July celebrations
  • A button from a sci-fi con which said "Just Lurking"
  • One Sony Watchman, a portable 2-inch screen color TV on a lanyard which I'd bought for cheap at a Sony company store refurb sale in 1996. It still works, but needs new batteries.
  • A dozen small gold safety pins
  • Assorted Pendaflex folder tabs (plastic)
  • Periodic Table of the Elements place mat
  • Peace Corps button
  • One tiny toy mouse (fabric)
  • One mouse-like tiny feathered cat toy
  • Alcohol swab in a foil packet
  • Assorted cough drops, mostly still in paper or plastic wrappers. Mostly.
  • Black and white tie wraps, lots of them.
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic bags, some zip-lock, some not
  • Assorted pieces of plastic wrapping
  • One roll of Barbie Doll "Happy Birthday" wrapping paper
  • Small multi-colored superball
  • Enough stray kitty litter to make the vacuum sing
  • Enough cat hair to build a whole new cat

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