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The Real Idiocy About The Recent Tea Parties

Sexual innuendo aside, when I heard that a bunch of conservative ignoramuses dumped a load of tea bags in protest, I ROFLed. Clearly all these clowns know about history is "mumble mumble taxes mumble mumble tea mumble mumble dump".

Clue #1:

It was about taxation without representation. The colonists could not vote, and had no representation in the Parliament which imposed the tax. Kind of like Washington D.C. For those of us in the 50 states, write your congresscritter if you want to change the tax structure. If you are in DC, Puerto Rico, Guam or one of the other US Territories, YMMV.

Clue #2:

They didn't have tea bags in the 1770's. Dumping a load of neat little packets is nowhere near as dramatic as busting open a crate of loose tea leaves and scattering them. And what kind of sissy doesn't know tea also comes in bulk. The same kind who think milk is made in cardboard and plastic containers.

Clue #3:

The taxes they are protesting were put in place by the Bush administration. Obama and company has not even proposed a tax plan yet.

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