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Lunch Break

Rode my bike out to the lake at Shoreline Park, it's about 2 miles from work. Had my usual pre-packed lunch - 4 slices of light beef bologna, two slices of muenster cheese, one stick of string cheese and today's dessert was a bunch of seedless white grapes - huge ones. From my park bench a couple of feet from shore, within my view were Canada geese, mallards, mud hens, seagulls, cormorants, arctic terns, a sandpiper, three Great White Herons, a California brown pelican, a small snowy egret, many fat squirrels, and a few ground squirrels/chipmunks.

Not to mention sailboats, kayaks, paddle boats and one intrepid windsurfer. Very strange to only see one, they teach windsurfing at the lake, but it looks like they may have stopped that program.

Anyhow, it's kind of amazing the wildlife within reach here.

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