Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Boring Day in Paradise

Very quiet at work. Brought my bike again, had lunch at the park, and was annoyed by a large number of maintenance vehicles on the bike path which could have just as easily used the road 3 feet away. Also was annoyed by the noise from company party halfway across the lake. It's not unusual for the Lakeside Cafe to cater office parties on the lawn, complete with water balloon toss & tug-a-war, but it is unusual for them to allow a cranked up PA system.

There was the usual gang of wildlife, and I sat in the sun and I think I'm another notch more tan now. Forgot my camera, though. Tomorrow will bring along the 300mm zoom and the macro.

The perseid meteor showers peak tonight and early tomorrow morning. I can't get away till Saturday - will probably go to RW&B Beach and camp out Saturday night. I spent some of this boring morning looking at alternative places with clear skies and camping, and will look some more tonight. The problem with the beach is it gets foggy/cloudy. For the past few years I've gone to San Luis Reservoir between Gilroy and Los Banos, but my last two trips it was too crowded, way too many lights from the campers, even at 3 am. I was looking for a place near SLO, but the big state park down there is full for the weekend.

And I also thought about Amtrak to Reno, but they don't run a direct train from SJC. I could have sworn they used to. But then again. Reno has too many lights, and if I take the train I won't have a way to get out into the hinterlands.

And another old haunt came to mind, Jackson/Sutter's Creek. But that's a 3-hour drive, and it's forest, which is not what I need for seeing shooting stars.

Maybe something in the Central Valley will come to mind.

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