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174 Miles in 3.5 hours

The object of today's exercise was to take the scenic route to Red White & Blue Beach (it's a few miles north of Santa Cruz just off Hwy. 1), set up my tent, work on my tan a little, then lie out under the stars wrapped up in lots of layers and ooh and aah over what is probably the last blast of the Perseid meteor showers. Maybe a dozen shooting stars an hour would be reasonable to expect.

Road Trip
So I packed the car with tent, ground cloth, tent pegs, rubber mallet, air mattress & rechargeable electric inflater/deflater, pillows, a cooler with pre-measured edibles good for three meals and a snack, a camelback water dispenser, a couple of books, a camp lantern, beach towel and bathing suit and four layers of clothes. Stopped off at Walgreen's to get batteries for the lantern (it takes 8 D's), and then took 85 to 280, and went north to go south, since the most scenic route is to take Woodside Road (hwy 84) through the redwoods, across Skyline Blvd, past La Honda and San Gregorio to Hwy. 1. It's slower than Hwy 17, but on a summer weekend the traffic wouldn't be as bad, and I'd rather do hairpin turns at 15 mph than 50.

I left Walgreen's at 3 pm, and an hour and a half later I was passing the legendary red white & blue mailbox. It was cold, the sky was wall to wall clouds, and there was zero chance of a clear sky that night. So I kept driving, and went to Plan B. Which was to get to Watsonville and see if that would be a reasonable place to get a motel room and find a park or something to watch from. But it was still overcast there. Plan C was to get to Hwy 101 and see what was out there. It was nice and sunny and clear, and I drove out to Henry Coe Park, but all their campsites were taken, according to the sign in Morgan Hill, 10 miles from the main entrance.

By now it was almost 6 pm, and I was tired of watching my gas gauge go down and down, what with gas at $2.70 and rising. So I headed home. Got back on 101 and 85, and was home by about 6:30.

It's cloudy here now, too, so I guess no shooting stars for me this time. Boo hiss.

Good Start
The day started out well, the apartment manager had a small package for me which turned out to be the replacement for the broken piece which had kept my nice back-supporting computer chair from being operative for the past month or so. Fixed that in a couple of minutes, and am using the chair right now.

Rubbed The Right Way
My 11 am appointment with CMT Lisa was wonderful. They have the room rigged with parallel rails overhead so the masseuse can walk on your back without putting her full weight on you. A good idea because while Lisa is very slender, she's about 5'8" tall. I brought the CDs and a printout of some Chinese web sites so she could see the names in Chinese of the singers and actresses I was trying to talk to her about last week. Turns out she not only knew them all, she had their CDs and movies right there, they are her favorites too.

After the massage, I got a chance to play tech support with her. Their charge card machine was not working, and while Lisa had been working on my back, they had lost a customer because of it. Lisa was acting manager today, so she called the support line, but she didn't understand the guy on the other end, so she gave me the phone. Turns out the company which the machine comes from had the wrong model and ID number in their database. He corrected that in a couple of minutes, and they were up and running.

She seems to be interested in me, but wouldn't agree to a date, so maybe not. I won't see her next weekend, since I'll be otherwise engaged, but probably will go back in two weeks.

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