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“So I had this brilliant flash of inspiration and I'm thinking of patenting(?) it. How about a rotary cellphone? You know a cellphone with a rotary dial on it for it's old parts. You heard it here first. So I'm in Santa Barbara I'm on Cabrio(?) Highway which is the Waterkin(?) Highway waiting for the shuttle. I just missed one you know it's like halfway down the block coming at a right angle when it pass by. So I guess I've got another 15 or 20 minutes to wait to get the shuttle. I'm a block away from the hotel to the ___ where I'll catch the trolley that I've got push trolley I got a ticket for. It's overcast it's chilly this looks nothing like the American Riviera that they told me about and it's a very high clouds. So it's fairly bright and the weather report is for 70 degrees by the afternoon but if it's almost the afternoon and it's probably about 57. So anyway kinda just sit here on the bench waiting for the bus and let all of you have a Happy mother's Day. All of you mothers Happy mother's Day and I got email from my Mom that she got her gift and she loves it. So.”

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