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“Well I checked out in motel and I am sitting at the bus stop at Coudrio(?) Anopis(?) waiting for the shuttle. It's already been about 15 mins and it's since a very cloudy grizzly day at the beach here and I just saw 5 LA Fire Department trucks pulled out of the one of the parking lots and head up the hill. They pretty much have the fire it's not nowhere near out of course but the it's way back in the hills. I can't sell anything from out on the beach that there's a plier(?) and of course the chilly weather and the drizzle and the fog is doing a lot of good for them too so saw on the TV their most people have been told they can go back to their homes. Most of the schools that were close in the area are open and most of the people that who were up in the upper parts of the city on this side of where the fire was are understanding that the Fire Departments we're way over the top in their estimation of where the fire zone was their actually way under the top they apparently ___ don't understand for Bell England's something to flight that it's much as they at you but not a part of it of course just they want to air on the side of cushion from the press conference I saw yesterday. If they had their brothers they would evacuated Seattle as as well so anyway I'm gone at the taking the shuttle down town whenever it shows up and grab a bite to eat. I'll find ___ later about lunchtime and be back in the Bay area oh on 11:00pm.”

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