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Special Election in Cali today, I voted on my way to work. I was the only one voting, outnumbered by friendly, smiling poll workers 8:1.

Elections cost a lot of money, and the irony of a special election to vote on new ways to fudge the budget with smoke and mirrors...

What we should have been voting on was abolishing the party system in statewide elections. I have reported on the Washington, Oregon and California legislatures, and the biggest roadblock to getting any intelligent work done in state assemblies is the members are so dependent on the party for funding and publicity that they go to the state capitol with their gonads stapled to their party line. It doesn't matter which party. To make matters worse, they look at each other as opposing armies, with the party whips as the generals, and don't look at themselves as representatives of their individual districts.

Without party politics, California's budget would be done on time, or sooner, with more funding for education and public safety.

But I digress. I voted for A and B, which seemed to be acceptable amounts of smoke and shiny enough mirrors to maybe help smooth out the spikes of famine and plenty which California has had lately. Also voted for F, which is also the grade I give to the greedy legislators for not limiting their own salaries while harpooning the rest of the budget.

C robs from the schools and borrows against an uncertain future, and is a blueprint for disaster on way too many levels.
D and E rob two programs which need more funding, not less, and Arnold should be ashamed of himself for proposing such measures.
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