Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

I am someone else, someone much younger, a college-aged young man. I walk to an apartment or maybe it's a house which has been turned into apartments, and go up one flight of stairs. I knock on the door. I can see under the door - it's hung with about an inch of space between door and floor. I see someone moving inside -- I see the shadows under the door. I knock again. Still no answer. I know targeter is home, I can hear her singing. I call her name, but still get no response. I slip a note under the door. No, it's not a note, it's an envelope about 5x7". It's black. I slide it just enough to get it halfway under the door, but it slides itself in the rest of the way.

The door opens, targeter says "You may as well come in." I sit on a tall-backed armchair. Its upholstery has a flowered pattern. Red buds on off-white background. It's one of those chairs that when you are sitting in it, nobody can see you from behind.

As I sit down I hear the door close, and look up. The room is empty. I open the door and see the last shadow of targeter going around the corner. It is pouring down rain. And somehow I'm not only on ground floor level, the door opens directly to the street. When I came in it opened on the 2nd floor hallway.

I am trying to decide whether to stay or go after her, or maybe just go outside and stand in the rain and get soaked.

That's when pumpkin woke me up by walking across my chest and face.

All during the dream I had a feeling that something very much like this had happened to me before, with someone whom targeter reminds me of. I'm still trying to think who.

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