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It's All in the Timing

figmo mentioned something about only being able to find analog watches (I think this was at WorldCon in Scotland) and she said they were pretty useless, especially in a broadcast environment.

I beg to differ.

Here's a quiz which one would not be able to pass if there were no analog watches:

  1. Which way is counter-clockwise?

  2. What time is it when Mickey's hands are both on the 12?

  3. A. Noon
    B. Midnight
    C. None of the above
    D. All of the above

  4. What time is it when Mickey's big hand is on your shoulder, and his little hand is on your knee?

  5. A. Time to have another drink
    B. Time to turn on the camcorder
    C. Time to leave Neverland Ranch


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