Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Deep Pockets

Losing weight has its disadvantages. One of them is buying clothes. And an unexpected one is as I buy smaller pants, the pockets on the pants get smaller. This week's purchases have back pockets too small to hold the medium-sized paperback I'm reading. It fit nicely in the last pair. The 5th pocket - the one inside the front right pocket, used to be big enough to hold my pager, now it's big enough to hold tweezers.

Looks like the 49ers are in for a long season. They seem to have one person on defense, one receiver, and a choice between four mediocre quarterbacks, one of whom the offensive line obviously hates. The Alex guy, the #1 draft choice. Watching him QB reminds me of the scene from the movie Heaven Can Wait, where the millionaire who bought the team and makes himself QB gets nailed on every play when the front line just stands by and lets the other team do unto him. He then makes a Humble Speech where he asks them to just give him the same chance they gave the dead guy. Unfortunately for Alex, nobody's dead, they just play that way. Except for number 72 that is. His number is on the back of every 49ers helmet, and the sportscasters mention the number at every opportunity. They seem to never mention his name, so I'll do it here. Thomas Herrion. He died in the locker room after a game a couple of weeks ago, the autopsy was inconclusive. Another QB they have surprised the heck out of me. Cody Pickett, whose claim to fame is he is a rodeo champion. He led my alma mater, Washington, to its worst two seasons in history. Come to think of it, he'll fit right in at SF.


Went online a few minutes ago and sent some cash to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief fund.

There are lots of organizations to donate to, but I'm seeing more from the Red Cross than any of the others in terms of volunteer training, organizing things across the hurricane swath, and just Being There.


Just before Katrina showed up on the radar, I started making plans to visit Thailand. Part of the plan was to try to volunteer for a couple of days in PangNga Province, which wraps around Phuket Island and was hit hard. PangNga is rural, and its needs were not getting the kind of attention that the tourist spots are. But after contacting a group I belong to, Friends of Thailand, it's clear that the volunteer opportunities are only for those who can spare a week for training and two weeks minimum to help. Oh well, I guess I'll just be a visitor then.


Looking forward to dinner tomorrow with farmount and nevynn. Also looking forward to finding out what time it will be (looked up the address already).


Also looking forward to dropping the pager on some other poor slob at work tomorrow.

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