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Julie & Julia

I loved it. Two love stories separated by time, joined at the soul. Technically superb, it has been a long time since everything on the tech side worked so flawlessly that I was able to enjoy the movie. Amazing cinematography which was a feast for the eyes whether it was indoors, outdoors, day, night, scenery, people, or a close-up of a deboned duck. Audio so well mixed it never jars, and I understood every word from every actor (except some of the French ones- I don't speak much French). And real acting. Meryl Streep is Julia Child. Amy Adams is still a bit of more of a Disney princess as Julie Powell than the real Julie, but it works well with this screenplay. Stanley Tucci as Mr. Child is a rock. Chris Messina as Mr. Powell also holds his own in this stunning cast. I also really like Julie's cat.

Excellent writing,  and my only dig is they glossed over Julia's reaction of fangirl Julie's homage. It's a loose end which I'd have liked to see tied up, for better or for worse. There are some very touching moments, some very funny ones, and a few of the segues between time periods are perfect and seamless.

What else? Set dressing and props for this movie must have been a Herculean task, the staff rose to the occasion. Ditto costuming, though Julia's TV costume did not appear as well-made as I remember it. Something about the logo patch.

Worth full price. And to think I went to get into the air conditioning.
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