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I Wanna Be In Stitches

This afternoon I bought a sewing machine. It was on sale at The French Store for under $100, major brand name, and considering the simple machine I grew up using, this one is more than adequate for my lobotomized sewing skills and hilariously minor needs.

All I plan to use it for this week is to hem several pairs of cut-offs, and fix a couple of shirt pockets which have come undone at the seams.

It's going to be an adventure loading a bobbin again (I have not touched a sewing machine in about 25 years), but there's an instruction book, and the only diff I see between this machine and Mom's is the bobbin is plastic instead of metal. The holder is exactly as I remembered.

Okay, so that's half the battle. Unfortunately I did not find a suitable sewing table. Walmart & Sears didn't have anything, which surprised me. I just need a simple folding table (the machine and table will spend most of their time put away). The plan is to go to the Quilting Bee in Mountain View, if they are open tomorrow. Will also try Office Depot, though I doubt if they will have what I'm looking for, typing tables having gone the way of the Mastodon.

Do any of my costumer friends have any suggestions?

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