Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stream of Somethingness

Here's how my mind works (or doesn't -you be the judge):

In bed, watching TV, the volume is too high but the remote isn't working. "Replace batteries" says the display. So I go downstairs to the kitchen, open the battery drawer, replace the batteries. The cat's water fountain is grumbling. I go over and see the second water dispenser is getting low, so I put all the dishes which were in the sink into the dishwasher, and thoroughly wash both water gadgets, fill them, put them in place. And gently kick the food towers so they fill their bowls.

Turn on the aquarium lights, feed the fish in both tanks. Put plant food in the big tank and water clarifier in the small tank. Start to walk upstairs, am halfway up when I remember the remote. Go back into the kitchen, take my blood sugar reading, it is high so I shoot up some extra Novalog, while I'm at it I shoot up my morning dose of Lantus, take my oral meds & vitamins, rip yesterday's page off the day-at-a-time New Yorker cartoons calendar by my meds corner, and head back upstairs. Notice some cat barf on the livingroom rug, clean it up, head upstairs. As I take the first step I remember the remote.

See the silverware and assorted stuff left over from last night's midnight snack, gather them up, bring them into the kitchen. Grab a paper towel, wipe up the spilled water by the cat fountain, head into the livingroom, notice the big plecosthemus, which I had recently moved to the small sand-bottom tank, where there is algae to be eaten, from the large gravel-bottom tank, where there is not, has chameleoned itself into a grey-and-beige striped being after having been solid black for years. Go "hmmm" and head upstairs. Halfway across the livingroom I ask myself what I'm doing out of bed. Go to the kitchen, grab the remote, bring it upstairs. I'm no longer interested in watching TV, use the remote to turn it off, park the remote on the nightstand and come into the computer room, where I am now.

And notice the empty glass with the squeezed-out lime in the bottom is still next to the computer from last night. Screw it, it can stay there till the next time I go downstairs.

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