Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Spanish Rose

From time to time I buy some CDs from Thailand which are of the "various artists" type. The big recording houses use them to hype several singers' work, sometimes to push a bunch of new single-artist albums, sometimes to introduce a singer who doesn't have enough songs recorded for an album but maybe has a lounge act or a TV show.

So I'm in the car pulling out of the Costco parking lot when a particularly lovely women's voice starts singing in Thai about how it's hard to hold hands with a lover who is far away, and I look to see what track it is (7) because I want to look up this singer and see if she has a CD out. And just as I am thinking this I hear her sing the word "corazon". There is no possible combination of words in Thai which could possibly make that sound. Not even remotely. So I hit the reverse button, and back up to the beginning of the phrase, and she goes seamlessly from Thai into something that sounds like Portuguese. Something about time and heart. And then it goes back into Thai, except for a quick "yo no sé" at the end of a line.

Back home, I look at the playlist for track 7, and it says the song is A Tu Corazon (Spanish, not Portuguese, for "To Your Heart") and in Thai สู่กลางใจเธอ which means something like "share the center of your heart". A web search on the singer's name, โรส ศิรินทิพย์ (Rose Sirintip) and I find lots of songs by her in English, but only this one with any Spanish in it. Her English is flawless, but her Spanish - not so much. Her bio says she grew up in Hong Kong, which explains the English fluency.

eThaicd.com says she has a few CDs and VCDs out. I played some of her Youtube clips, and they are very good. Someone to listen for, definitely.

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