Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My Doctor Is Out For Blood

So last night my last ingestion of non-water was at about 8:30,  because I was planning on being at the lab 12 hours later for my routine fasting bodily fluids tests. But I stayed up late writing on LJ and The Book of Face, and slept in past both alarms and Domino curling up next to my face with her industrial strength purr attachment on full force. Long story short, 10:30 am I finally strolled into the lab. It wasn't too busy, I was out before 11.

On the way home I made an emergency stop because I was all out of mint chocolate chip, and running low on bananas.

Home, made myself a brunch from my boyhood, smoked white fish, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and a croissant (aka Bagel Helper). The cats yelled at me a lot for not sharing.

With nothing on the agenda for today, I popped King Kong into the DVD player. This is not your father's King Kong, and I used the fast forward button a lot. Casting was done by the B team, nobody really fit their characters. Naomi Watts is no Fay Wray, Jack Black doesn't even approach Robert Armstrong - he made the last line of the movie sound like the most trite cliché evar. There was maybe twice as much back story as we needed, at least four times as much oversized animal violence, and enough compu-gen brontosaurus stampede action to provide stock footage for every museum of natural history on the planet twice over. And it took forever to kill the beast. There was some good work - close-up cinematography was excellent, set dressing and the 1930 NYC repro was incredibly detailed. The "Sunrise with Kong and The Blonde" scenes were beautifully done.

Now that the laptop is charged again, I think I'll go home and pick the best of the model photos from Saturday to post on Flickr. BASFA tonight, I think.

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