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So I'm in Starbucks, and I hear Thai coming from the table behind me. Someone says something which gives me an opening to turn around and join the conversation. After the initial shock of a "farang" speaking Thai, they tell me they read whatever it was in a "local" Thai-language newspaper. I have not seen a Bay Area Thai-language newspaper in years, so I ask where I can get one.

"A Thai restaurant" they said.
"Which one? Amarin?"
"I don't know. I'm from L.A."

Turns out they were talking about a newspaper which is published in Lala Land. Well, that's not too bad. So I ask them what the newspaper is called. "Oh, there are many many Thai newspapers in LA. There are many many Thai people there, there's a place called "Thai Town". So I asked which newspaper was the biggest. "Siam Media" they said. I'll have to look it up and get a subscription. I need practice.

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