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Warp Speed

Turns out the CD which was in the car during yesterday's 103° adventure was not warped. The CD playing mechanism was munged - any disc makes a nasty mechanical clicking sound for a few seconds before it starts to play. Some plastic part probably partially melted. This only affects the single-disc player built into the dashboard, I still have a working 10-CD changer under the passenger seat.

Slept in way late, did some stuff on the upstairs PC quickly before it started getting too warm up there. Went downstairs where it stays relatively cool, decided not to make mac'n'cheese because humidity was not a good idea indoors today. Used the microwave to make brats'n'beans instead.

Watched CNN what seems like forever as they babbled helplessly while showing a bunch of people on the Capitol steps. Flipped to Fox news, which, much to my surprise, had far better coverage, including more important and less inane guests, and a good handle on how very far away the motorcade was from the Capitol. With all of CNN's resources, they didn't bother to put anyone along the motorcade route, let alone the air force base where the casket was being flown in from Boston. It is a sad day indeed when pretty boy Anderson Cooper is put in charge of covering what has been Wolfe Blitzer's beat for the past 20 years. Blitzer stood lamely off to the side, looking hang-dog. Does anyone except me remember Blitzer's vacation in Saddam's palace with about 120 other hostages? His reward was being made CNN's Capitol chief correspondent.

Anyhow, Fox did a good job of staying mostly neutral, they had far better quality transmission from the sites, a good scattering of cameras along the route, and better angles. The only thing I did not like was their harping on the "Lion of the Senate" tag for Teddy, but in their favor their anchor actually questioned that moniker, where CNN used it as if it was a given. Frankly, I don't think it's a fitting nickname - he didn't roar much, he mostly followed in LBJ's footsteps using backroom politics and culitvating personal friendships to get legislation passed.

Something both networks made a lot of noise about was the three brothers were buried almost side by side. Nobody mentioned elder brother Joe, who was shot down during WWII, and thus entitled to a place in Arlington. Blown up in an airborne weapons test, his remains were never found. His name is on a memorial plaque at a cemetray in England, but not Arlington. I'm pretty sure Joe Sr. was also entitled, having been an ambassador, he wasn't mentioned either (he's buried in Brookline, MA). And nobody said a word about sister Eunice, who just passed away a few days before, on August 11. Not a good month for the Kennedys.

CNN has replaced most of its "Michael Jackson is still dead" coverage with "Teddy Kennedy is still dead" programming. Ironic, since today is Michael Jackson's birthday.

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