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Shallow Thoughts

Whenever a Geico commercial comes on TV or radio, I change the channel. I shred their mailings unread. Way too much $ is being spent which ought to go to lowering premiums. And their ads are so annoying.

Got email from Radar saying to keep an eye out for email from Radar. She's program director for Silicon, I volunteered to be on panels.

Not going to BASFA meetings till football season is over.

Had dinner at the Hooters in Fremont. They have a hugely expanded menu since the first time I was in one of those places - back then all they had for food was wings and celery sticks. Now there's a 3-page menu. The parmesan garlic sauce for wings sounded good, but was way too sweet and salty. Many HD TV screens, I watched the Broncos give away the ball way too often, the Bears knew what to do with these gifts.
On several other screens was ESPN2 showing poker. Poker. I can't understand a card game as a spectator item at all, much less a sport. It is a card game, people. There is little skill required, absolutely no athleticism, and dead boring.
Almost as boring is golf. Golf at least requires skill and some athletic ability. But it takes all day to get through a game which contains maybe half an hour's worth of action. Pretty much like a low-scoring baseball game, that.
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