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Happy September Fools Day!

I can't believe I've been out of work for 3 months already. Time flies when you're having fun, despite the mild depression, global pessimism and boredom.
Exciting plans for today:
Dose the cats with their monthly flea goo
Haul the litterbox clumps out to the dumpster (I keep them in a covered plastic trash bin out on the balcony)
Put my band music folder back in order (normally it's in alphabetical order, but I pull out the pieces we play at the concert each month)
Refill the two hummingbird feeders (the birds are back, and there are rarely less than three duking it out for the red stuff)
Buy more hummingbird food mix

Yesterday I went looking for a BBQ fork-ish object which would be safe to use with my teflon pans, but did not find one. Suggestions? Till then I'll just use chopsticks.
Put my Moto Razr V9 phone up for sale on eBay. That makes three items. After my D90 arrives, maybe I'll sell the D80.
Weird dream channel: All I can remember is the prostitute wouldn't service me because she thought my fingernails were dirty. They weren't.

Figured out why Vera lost to Venus. Vera was wearing an iZod shirt with the word GEICO pasted below the iZod crocodile. Obviously the two lizards did not get along.

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