Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Better Than Nothing

Got a call from a contract agent late today, low-paying short-term contract in Sunnyvale for a company in my field, doing the kind of QA I like best, I think. He didn't have much in the way of details. They want me to come in for an interview tomorrow afternoon, time TBA. I guess I'll find out what the job really is when I get there.

No Silicon for me this year. Was hoping to be on some panels, but that didn't happen. No response from the art show, but that turns out to be more time & money than I can afford to invest this year. Being fannish has gained me many acquaintances, but no real friends, so I'm going to go back to being a hermit, and just maintain a nebulous Internet presence.
Domino has gained a pound since going on Prednisone liquid & on-the-ear hyperthyroid paste.
UPS automated phone widget called to remind me to be home to sign for the D90 when it arrives tomorrow. I hope I'm back from the interview by then. The two phones I have listed on eBay have bids, so those will sell. The D300 has no bids, but 3 watchers. All of them have 4+ days to run.
Been surfing the new HD channels Comcast finally made available (things I watched at Microsoft 3 years ago). MSNBC and Fox News both have gorgeous HD images, much clearer than CNN. ESPN News, too, though their screen is way too cluttered.
Health care reform is not going to happen. Too many Republicans who run as Democrats because Lincon freed the slaves. Too many congresscritters in the pocket of insurance cartels.

Time to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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