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Interfoo, Photo goodness

The interview was not a match, they were looking for a database guru, but they had me chat with their encoding manager, who may have something for me. Excellent location, looks like a well-funded company, but nobody showed me the product, and there was no evidence of it anywhere I looked. First round of interviews was on the Torchwood conference room, which featured a poster of Cap'n Jack and the gang. Second round was in the manager's office, which had a Rocky I poster.

Disappointing, but we're getting warmer.

I was home by 2, which is good because UPS showed up early, about 2:45 instead of the usual 6 pm with the D90 for me to sign for. It's a lightweight D300, literally, but the only feature I will truly miss is the 1/8000 shutter (D90 only goes to 1/4000). It works correctly with the SB-800 flash in both TTL modes, which is worth a lot more to me than the shutter speed. The LCD viewer is clearer, and it has the D70/80 presets wheel which I really missed on the D300. Odd, the diopter was way out of focus when I took the unit out of the box. Probably was tested by someone with a major eyeglass prescription. Or maybe they have a QA problem - the D300 was also out of alignment when I got it. My GPS unit has to use a different cable, but it came with one and after some initial logistics to prevent one side or the other from popping out, it worked fine. I'm a little puzzled about the capacity indicator - I'm using a 16GB memory chip, same as on the D300 (except this one is SDHC instead of CF) but it shows twice as many shots available. I thought they were the same resolution and Mpixels. Looking at Nikon's spec comparison, they are identical. Hmmm. Anyway, I guess I should get out this weekend and use it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Read the D90 manual for changes
Janice is coming over to help edit her Fiji video and the family memories video slide show she had made on VHS. Not sure how long that will last, it's going to be another broiling afternoon here.

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