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Cooler this morning. Hope it stays that way.

Read the D90 manual, made some minor tweaks on the camera, I think tomorrow I'll go to the Highland Games and see how it does.

Took a pass by the E. Meadow CalTrain crossing on my way to Fry's, and am happy to report there was a cop car parked inside the crossing. They had one there for a week or so after the first two suicides, but it was gone before the third one.

Am reading Kage Baker's "Company" series book The Life of the World To Come, which wins my Worst Title for a Company Book Evah award. The book is way out of format for the series, though maybe that's not a fair statement because each book takes a different tack. I guess this one is more all over the map than the previous ones. I'll keep reading because I love the way she makes the words flow.

Monday is a holiday. Maybe I'll just spend the day driving back and forth across the Bay Bridge. :-)


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