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Staying home today, staying off my feet. The toenail was seriously ingrown, the doc said, and arranged for minor surgery over at Urgent Care. Turns out Kaiser has merged UC into the ER, which meant $100 instead of $20 co-pay, but it sure beat waiting 5 days for an appointment. And Allison, the person who did the actual cutting, was amazing. Confident, competent, articulate, up-beat. Pretty, too.

This is my 5th time having this operation, I need to go back next week for a follow-up so they can put acid on the nail to try to kill it deader than they did the last time (which was about 5 years ago).

Thanks to figmo for making me paranoid enough to not just shrug it off. Diabetes and toe foo can get very nasty if not treated ASAP.
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