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Couch surfing this afternoon brought me to the "We" channel, and an episode of Bridezilla which made me wonder why the homicide rate isn't sky high among fiancés. And it made me wonder about marriage, which led me to ponder the gay marriage thing.

What I believe:

1. Marriage is personal, a matter of the heart
1a. Legal marriage is mostly an artifact of religion.
2. Anyone should be able to marry anyone. Singular or plural.
3. The government should make no laws respecting marriage or the freedom to marry.
4. The government should get out of the marriage business entirely.

There is nothing which marriage laws cover which are not covered somewhere else in the law, except  tax tables, which shouldn't discriminate against people on the basis of marital status anyway. I'm surprised the "married filing jointly" loophole has lasted this long. Where's the ACLU when you really need them?
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