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I'm getting into my car, and two young men (college aged) get into the back seat. I have no idea who they are, or why they are getting into my car. They ask me something, but the words don't make any sense. They are speaking English, but the words don't fit the context. I ask them who they are, they reply with more nonsense words. I tell them to get out, but they just look puzzled. I yell at them to leave, but they just look at each other questioningly.

I wake up. It is 5:30 am, way too early. I keep thinking of how to get them out of the car. Maybe they are car-jackers? No, they had no weapons and were not threatening. It had the feeling of two guys who thought I was their ride somewhere. Like a tour guide. Kind of a lucid dream, except I was awake, I visualized pushing the alarm button on my car alarm remote. I thought about dialing 911 on my cell phone, except I had no idea where I was (in the dream, that is).

Never did get back to sleep. Pumpkin did.
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