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Humpday musings

Not going to do a full review of Mainspring. Suffice to say that the writing style Jay used is not one I find easy to read, and I had many purely personal issues with many of the details of the book. The final chapter is a veritable encyclopedia of everything I despise in fantasy novels, where the hero is given powers previously un-hinted, totally at odds with the established world the author has painstakingly created up to that point. I won't be reading the sequel. Sad, because I like Jay, enjoy his LJ entries, enjoyed Rocket Science and most of the short stories of his I have read. Maybe the next world he creates will work better for me.

Did the laundry at the underwire laundromat, because my inconsiderate neighbors left clothes overnight in one of the washing machines and detergent in another, and three of the six dryers had repair notices on them. Had lunch at the Chinese bad fast food place across the way. Instead of going home to the very hot upstairs, I left the laundry in the car and am at Starbucks sucking up aircon.

Been listening in the car to Thai pop song CDs  by my current favorite female singers, and have noticed a change in lyrics. Two years ago, after never having heard the phrase in  a Thai song, I started hearing น้ำตา "naam dtaa"- teardrop - all over the place. This time the phrase which keeps popping up is จับมือ "Jaap muer" - holding hands. I guess there's a trend this year toward positive songs and away from torch songs. At least among the women baladeers.

Which brings up another musing. I don't think I could write a Thai pop song. They don't rhyme, ever. There are other Thai forms which rhyme so agressively they put rap to shame, but not pop. Pop songs match the tones in the language to the tune, and don't even scan much of the time. Yet they still sound good to me. I've written songs in Hebrew, a language I barely know, because they use the same rhyme patterns as American/British songs, and because of their conjugation rules a sentence in Hebrew pretty much must rhyme to be grammatical.
So sad. Two middle-aged men with eastern european accents were sitting at the table in front of me, they had bought a piece of pumpkin bread which one of them cut into quarters, and they made chitchat for about 15 minutes until one of them answered his cell phone, said where they were, and then put the phone away, said something to the other man, and they both left, leaving the untouched pumpkin bread behind. It's still sitting there, while two young American men sit at the table ignoring it.
I suppose I ought to get the laundry home, though there is really no rush.

Jazz. The last couple of days Starbucks has been playing a lot of the kind of jazz which keeps me out of most jazz clubs. A lot of people who can't play well enough to make it in any other kind of music choose to be jazz musicians, because jazz lets you be sloppy and the audience still applauds your solos. Starbucks has been playing a lot of those people's music this week. It's annoying. There are so many fine, talented musicians playing jazz...The Marsalis boys, for instance.


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