Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Happy 143rd!

9/21 is H.G. Wells' 143rd birthday. As long as we remember someone, part of them is still alive.

Watched the 49ers edge out the Seahawks. I root for both teams, and was sad Seattle didn't do better, but gratified to see SF play actual defense. Too bad Hassleback lived up to his name - going to the locker room when he hurt his back making a fetal position dive into the 1-yard line, coming to a hard stop against a defenseman.

The Dallas-NY game was so exciting that by the end they were showing the stadium exterior and the cheerleaders more than the players on the field. Collingsworth is not the encyclopedic color man John Madden was, but he manages to not be annoying, which is more than I can say for 90% of the color commentators on the air these days. For instance, the one calling the 9ers game kep abusing the word "proverbial" and went on forever about how being 2-0 is a major deal in the NFL (which it isn't). Call the game, give me pertinent facts about the guy who made the last play, and then shut up. I still want a button on the remote which mutes the commentators and lets me hear the crowd noise.

Am as packed for tomorrow's Yosemite trip as I can be. Cleaned and lubed the bike's chain and pumped up the tires. Charged all my camera batteries and put on the 28-300mm lens. After Saturday's rocket launch photos with the 18-200 VR, I don't see any diff between the quality of the two lenses, so when I get back that will be going on eBay.

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