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Daring Chopper Rescue Near Shoreline Park

I saw the helicopter as I was biking into Shoreline Park for lunch, but couldn't tell what it was doing. On my way back I took a different pathway, and as I came around a curve saw it pluck a worker from one of the power line towers. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw a person riding on one of the skids, and figured it was just the angle. But then the chopper returned, picked up a ladder and what looked like paint supplies from the man remaining on the tower, then came back and picked him up too. Sure enough, he rode on the skids, not inside.

Now that I think about it, someone who can paint the top of a tower probably wouldn't be fazed by a 3-minute ride on the outside of a helicopter.

Check out the full series at my web site right here and take a look at the burrowing owls, windsurfer, sandpiper, egret and assorted other critters starting with this page

This is the first "roll" of photos I took since getting the camera back from repair, and it worked okay. I had to kill a handful of photos where the auto-focus chose something other than the subject, but otherwise it was all good. I need to play with the macro lens now, but Shoreline doesn't have much in the way of close-up subjects.

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