Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So That Was Thursday, Was It?

Made a little more challenging because as I was oiling the valves on my baritone before rehearsals, the 3rd valve fell on the floor and was bent just enough to not let it function. The bottom is slightly out of round, and there was nothing I could do about it except play the notes which don't require the 3rd valve. This is not too big a loss because it's the least-used valve, and except for one tune which had a lot of low D's, maybe one note in 10 was skipped.

So instead of having no plans for tomorrow, Plan A is to take the horn to the repair shop down the block and see if they can do anything in time for Sunday's concert, and if not, go to the new music store in town and rent a horn. I may get lucky and they will rent it for the weekend, but I expect a month minimum. I also may have to go to more than one rental place to find one. Or a pawn shop, but I'm not seeking that major a cashectomy.

Got another job bite from a contract company in Joisey for a job in Los Gatos. I don't think anything will come of that, it seems to want automation, which the not very English-capable man from India did not understand from reading the posting he sent me. He also said, at about 5 pm, I would be getting a call right away from a technical interviewer, but that didn't happen.

Palo Alto school district sent me a message saying they needed my transcripts to show I had the education I claimed. As if I have them after 37 years, as if it matters for a non-teaching job which doesn't need a degree. No thanks.

Still reading Sherri S. Tepper's Six Moon Dance. Not her best work*, but she's very readable, hard to put the book down. zanda_myrande might find interesting - the further you go into the book, the more Tepper is taking a bit of magic and making it science fiction. Instead of Clark's Law, this book explores what happens when something which a technological society has dismissed as myth turns out to be science.

Decided to make my rendition of Toll House Cookies for the band potluck. Potluck is after the concert Sunday, will make the cookies either tomorrow or Saturday. If they fail, I have a package of Chips Ahoy ready.

*In Tepper's case, "not her best work" is about the same as a Shakespeare aficionado saying Troilus and Cressida is not his best work.

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