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This would have been a 2 Migraine day

Out of 3. Except I don't get migraines.

Spent too much quality time this morning with the automated litterboxes. The motor is just not powerful enough to do the job all the time.

Brought the baritone to West Valley Music at 11, their tech was not in yet so I left it and asked to have him call me with a time estimate, explaining that I needed a horn for Sunday, and would rent one if the repair could not be done in time.

Phoned the company liaison at a contract firm which was supposed to have lined up an interview for me, but never called back. After some heavy guilt ladling on my part, she said she might be able to squeeze in an interview for late today, she would check with the client and call me.

Went home to wait for those two calls. Contract lady called with an interview appointment for 6 pm! No word from the music store.

Watched three "special interest" DVDs on fast forward. Feeling restless I went back downtown and parked myself with an iced tea and a book at Red Rock Cafe, and at 4 pm went to the music store. They forgot to call. Turns out they can do the repair pretty inexpensively, but "it would have to be between appointments" which means probably not in time for Sunday. So I rented a horn. The one I got is a very strange upright with the valves hidden behind the bell the way it has to be held. It's also very lightweight, the case is heavier than the horn. Definitely a school beginner baritone. So I've got it for 3 months, their minimum. It'll be interesting playing this style horn.

After dropping it off at home, I took off for the interview an hour early to avoid some of the rush hour traffic, found the place (my GPS was off by a block) and then went to the nearby Togo's for a light dinner. Interview was a good one, I like the manager, and it would be a very interesting challenge, since he's looking for one person to do what usually takes three people to do. Not in terms of hours, but in terms of expertise. We talked for an hour, he wants me back Monday to interview with a few more people.

Home, detoured to buy brown sugar, mixed up a double batch of tollhouse cookie dough, and am waiting for it to cool in the fridge. Re-filled the hummingbird feeders. Spent more quality time with the litterboxes. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure - maybe I'll ride my bike there
Transfer the one surviving betta (female) to the small container and clean out the 5-gal tank.

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