Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Satyr Day

Rode the bike to the manicure place, had my thumbs completely re-done (long story). Stopped in  at BestBuy hoping they had the watch-like battery which runs the bike's speedometer, but they don't carry anything like that.

Home, watched the Ducks take an early lead over the Bears in between transferring the lone surviving betta into a 2-gallon holder and cleaning out the 5-gallon tank. I'd forgotten I'd made the mistake of covering the bottom with sand instead of gravel, so I needed a trowel to scoop out algae-fied cement. It took some elbow grease to clean all the algae off the sides.

While I was at it, I cleaned up after last night's baking spree, which took two dishwasher loads. Nice to have counter space again. But I have a lot of flour and sugar left, and it's probably only a matter of time before I am tempted to make bagels or something. Nah, I really don't have enough prep space. Even making cookies was a challenge.

Went for a half-hour massage, my right shoulder is happier now.

88° outside, which is why I am inside a Starbucks. Running on battery, mostly so I didn't have to carry my whole computer bag.

Contract agent emailed to say Monday's follow-up interview will be over the phone. The manager I interviewed with yesterday said one of the interviews would be by phone, but there would be two others in person. We'll see. It's looking like I'm not getting this job, but they are thinking about something requiring fewer of the League of Superheros for me in the future. Near future, I hope.

I'll be finishing Six Moon Dance today. I'm wondering if Tepper meant this to be YA sci-fi because she spends a lot of words on "As you know, Bob..." and repeating the same explanations. Look for a review RSN.

Tonight: Watch the UW-Stanford game, and brood about the fact that I'm not there playing with the Husky band. Usually the alumni band sends out an invite to join the band on their Cal trips (they only make one a year, this year it's today). I even have a newly rented horn I could have used. Oh well, sic transit and all that Latin light rail jargon.

Tomorrow: Shoup Park by 12:30, drop off the cookies at the party venue. Concert at 1:30, party  ~ 3:30. Maybe watch some Sunday Night Football.


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