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Iran Nuke Site Inspections

Several of the LJ, FB and twitter folks I read are all optimistic because Iran is allowing inspection of their nuclear facilities. Saddam allowed inspection of his alleged WMD facilities, and that sure had a happy ending.
Just sayin'...

Obama's grandstanding at the UN was a cheap political ploy to take our minds off his total FAIL on health care. Comparing it to the Cuban Missile Crisis is bogus - Kennedy didn't go to the UN personally for that, he trusted his very able UN ambassador to challenge the Russians. In fact, it's very rare for a head of state to preside over any UN meeting, and Obama's doing so speaks volumes about his inability to delegate authority, and a lack of trust in his key officials, in this case US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice (not related to Condi Rice, though Susan was a student at Stanford while Condi was working there). It's also a slap at Hilary Clinton, who, as Secretary of State, would normally be the official to replace the ambassador when the administration wants to emphasize the importance of an issue.

I'd like to see Obama succeed, but right now it's not happening.

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